Nuts and Bolts of the Universe

Writings on Physics

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A selection of my writing on physics. For a more complete list of my publications on physics and other subjects, please see Publications and Appearances.

  • Quantum Chaos: My PhD research
    Theoretical and numerical analysis of behavior, in both classical and quantal models, of highly elongated states of hydrogen perturbed by microwaves. First demonstration of existence of resonance zones in a quantum mechanical Hilbert space.

  • Physics Watch, Science Page in The Daily Texan, University of Texas at Austin
    A lay column on advanced topics in modern physics that I wrote for the school newspaper while I was in graduate school. Here are two of my favorite installments.

  • What is Gravity?
         Ad Astra, June 1991, p 14
    A brief explanation of general relativity in nontechnical language.

  • Q-Phys!: Questions on the Physical Universe
         Course taught at Santa Monica College on introductory physics from 2000 to 2002
    I called on students to believe in their ability to comprehend the exciting concepts of modern physics, from spacetime to quantum fields.